Identity Verification for People and Businesses in Africa.

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Identify yourself anywhere without using your actual ID card.

We make identification records for Africans accessible from anywhere. Securely encrypted on our Pan-African blockchain service.

Instant Verification and Background Checks

Confirm that a person is who they say they are to deter fraud in your transactions across Africa.

Customer Onboarding

Fulfill your AML/KYC compliance requirements using our automated ID capture solution when enrolling new users on your service.

Liveness Detection

Artificial Intelligence enabled detection to determine if someone is physically present during a transaction. Boost conversion rates by 15% with detailed realtime feedback.

Verification API

Enable real-time Identity Verification and Screening in your application by implementing our REST API. Use our mobile and web SDKs for user onboarding.

Know Your Business

Perform due dilligence on businesses across Africa to confirm that the person you are dealing with is the legitimate owner and that the business is a legitimate entity.

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